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SONCE HOMES Renovations & General Contracting is a world class Deck Installer and Deck Builder Contractor in Toronto, and the GTA.

We have been trusted to build long lasting high quality decks for many years. Whether you are in need of improving your current deck, or if you want to fully replace it, you came to the right place, because we are your local deck experts, and we take pride in maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

Our Professional Team Uses the Latest Software to Help You Design the Deck of Your Dreams

Deck Construction From Qualified Specialists

Make Your Deck Dreams a Reality With a Quality Deck from SONCE HOMES Renovations & General Contracting!

Have you ever wondered about installing a sun deck to your house, or to replace that current deck with a new one?
Now is a perfect time as any to put your deck project plans into action.
Imagine yourself on that brand new beautiful sundeck, with that fresh tree scent. It’s a sunny day, the kids are playing, you’re grilling food on the barbecue, and you are relaxing while enjoying a refreshing beverage, on your brand new eco-friendly deck. In that moment, you understand that this deck is a perfect complement to your family’s outdoor lifestyle.
Let SONCE HOMES Renovations & General Contracting help you put your thoughts into reality.
We will make sure that your deck is built right, according to all appropriate city bylaws and building codes.
Our qualified specialists will listen to your needs, and construct a premium deck just the way you want it.
At SONCE HOMES Renovations & General Contracting, all of the materials we use to build your deck will be of best quality, with true craftsmanship.
We focus on doing the job right, with prompt timing.
Contact Us, and let’s begin your deck project design today!

Do you need to fix the structure of your deck’s frame?
Is it rotting?

At SONCE HOMES Renovations & General Contracting, we specialize in repairing decks. We service everyone from small residential homes to large mansions, in Toronto, Ontario and the Greater Toronto Areas.
SONCE HOMES Renovations & General Contracting works very closely with top quality engineers in Ontario and Canada.
We have many years’ experience in repairing decks and sundecks, we have seen it all, trust us. We have a variety of solutions for all your deck repair needs.
Leak Repair for your Deck
We repair all deck leaks, then waterproof them with vinyl decking.
Our vinyl decking products come with a 10 year warranty, so you can be rest assured to be leak free for a long time.
Rotting Deck Repair
We have seen it all, and we are experts at fixing rotting decks. We track the origin of the rot, the reasoning for the rotting deck, and fix the issue. We will remove it, and repair or modify the deck area to fix the issue.
Framework Repair
Is your deck slanting to the side? Is the foundation in trouble?
Contact us to fix the framework of the deck, the right way.

Waterproofing a Deck

We provide a high quality waterproofing process using the best materials so your deck can withstand all the different seasons of Toronto and surrounding areas. We will make sure to make your deck water-tight, so you can avoid getting a leaking deck or a rotting deck, and keep the foundation intact. Weather around Toronto, Ontario and GTA changes often, which is why it is essential to waterproof and water-tight your deck for a most optimal experience.

Deck Railings Toronto and GTA, Ontario

In GTA’s all season climate its vital to have proper and safe railings installed for your deck.
We will assess your deck, and propose placing railings in specific places for safety purposes, and to avoid any water leaks to the foundation of the deck.
We have so many solutions to show you for your next deck project!
SONCE HOMES Renovations & General Contracting provides Torontonians and the GTA with a vast variation of top quality custom made railings.

Deck Construction and Renovation

15 Years

SONCE HOMES Renovations and General Contracting can easily and affordably bring your home remodeling dreams to reality. We are experts in the renovation, home improvements, and providing top quality products and services at competitive prices. We are committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction with the service and quality we offer.

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