Holland Landing Home Renovation Ideas

holland landing home renovation ideas

Advice on Home Renovation Ideas in Holland Landing for You to Check Out

Have you been searching for ideas on how to renovate your house? 

Are you looking to renovate your basement, bathroom, or kitchen? Are you planning to build a  deck or patio to spend more time outdoors? 

Whether you are interested in renovating in order to create a more comfortable lifestyle for yourself, or to raise your home’s value for a resale, this article will point out some of the most important projects to take on. 

Our professional general contractors in Holland Landing provide exceptional renovations to fit all your needs and budgets. Whether you need to replace your backsplash in the kitchen, or to repair your wooden deck, our contractors will help you with the full renovation process. 

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When you live in a residential property, you will notice that it will wear and tear over time. 

Home renovation and remodel projects are very important not just for improving your own quality of life, but to also increase the value of your property if you choose to sell you home in Holland Landing. 

Whether you choose to renovate your home, or to remodel certain parts like the kitchen, bathroom, or deck, improving your home will increase the efficiency and function of your home. 

Also, if you have a growing family, you will definitely need more living space over time.  

You can extend your living room, add an extra bathroom, and turn your basement into an extra living space. 

It is a smart move to undertake regular home renovation, as it helps you live more comfortable and have great return on your investments if you end up selling your property. It is even better to use the services of professional contractors to do the projects for you, this will save you the stress, hassle, materials, and time. 

Home Renovation Ideas that Return Your Investments:

Appraisal Institute of Canada provided an accurate estimate on how much certain home renovations return on in investment. 
According to AIoC, these renovations offer on average of 75-100% return on investment: 

  • Floor Upgrades 
  • Wall Repaint  
  • Ceiling / Wallpaper Replacement 
  • Lighting Upgrades 
  •  Plumbing Upgrades 
  • Door, Trim, Baseboard Refinishing 

According to AIoC, these renovations offer an average of 50-75% return on investment: 

  • Carpet / Flooring Renovation 
  • Lighting Fixtures 
  • Window Replacement 
  • Wall and Ceiling Renovation 

Home Renovations that Provide Economic Efficiency:

The following home renovations are great because they provide you more economic efficiency: 

  • Bathroom Renovation 
  • Kitchen Renovation 
  • Basement Renovation 
  • Interior / Exterior Painting 
  • Upgrading HVAC System 

Upgrading your windows and doors will help you decrease your energy bills, and revitalize the look of your home.  

Updating your HVAC system means that your home will be more efficient in energy consumption, and therefore will also help you save on energy bills, while also raising the value of your home. You should also take advantage of tax rebates and grants provided by the government for these types of projects. 

Upgrading your floor is expensive, but it is worth it because it significantly helps raise your home’s market value. 

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