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Home Renovation Ideas for Richmond Hill Residential Properties

Kitchen, Basement, or Bathroom Renovation with Creditable Contractors: 

An established contractor out of Richmond Hill will help you achieve your dream home without overspending. You can rejuvenate any part of your residential home – living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or garage – with a well-planned professional renovation that can increase your living space, as well as tremendously increase the overall value of your home! 

You may have previously experienced sub-par work, or heard from your neighbours about an unfortunate experience, and you may feel reluctant about hiring a contractor for your project. 

You can avoid issues with your next project renovation by wisely choosing a reputable contractor. 

Experienced contractors offer professional work from beginning to end, work within your budget, 

and deliver results within a prompt timely manner.  

If you have been fantasizing about remodeling your home, our expert contractors in Richmond Hill will help you get the job done! 

Simply fill out the form on this page, and you will be connected to the best contractors for your project! 

For most Canadians, their home is their most important asset, it is vital to protect the value of your home. If your property isn’t maintained well, it’s value may decrease or fail to maximize resale value. 

Due to time, wear and tear, parts of the house may no longer be in good condition, and may cause some serious health and safety risks. Therefore, most homeowners at one point or another will have to focus on the renovation of the house to maintain it.  
Below are some general home renovations that every homeowner will most likely face in their lifetime: 

Tips on Essential Design for Home Renovation Ideas in Richmond Hill

Roof Renovation:

The roof is a major part of  the home’s structure, because it protects the property’s interior from outside forces such as weather conditions (snow, hail, rain, wind, sun, etc). 

If a roof is damaged or in weak condition, it will leak and be a cause for many other major problems in your home. 

Do not believe that you only need to replace the roof when you are planning to sell the house. 

A well maintained roof will protect you and your home, and it will also help you save on energy bills. With a roof in good condition, your home will be energy efficient, and it will feel comfortable for you and your family.  

An accountable homeowner will request for regular roof inspections to check for any damage, signs of mold, debris, and joint sealment. A professional roofing contractor should be able to help you figure out the best solution for all of your roofing needs. 

Remember that the status of your roof has a large impact on your home’s market value as well. 

Another key point to keep in mind, is that the cost of a roof repair depends on the type of roof – sloped or flat – and the materials used to fix the roofing issues. 

If you have a damaged roof, or feel like it is in need of a maintenance check, fill out the form below in order to connect with our professional roofing contractors, and get your roof back in working order. 

House Siding / Cladding Replacement:

Your home’s siding/cladding has a huge impact on the visual aesthetics of your property. This also affects the durability of your home, because damaged siding cand most definitely affect the structure and internal membrane of your home. If you feel your siding is in poor condition, you need to plan a siding replacement immediately, in order to protect the house from even more damage. 

Although the majority of siding materials will last on average from 5-20 years, they will get damaged over time due to the outside weather conditions. 

The cost of siding replacement depends on the following points: 

  • Size of your home 
  • Type of material 
  • Level of complexity of installation 

Below are the prices for different types of siding materials: 


Type of Material  

Average Cost  


$4 to $8 per sq. ft.  


$6 to $10 per sq. ft.  

Wood Fiber  

$6 to $10 per sq. ft.  

Fiber cement  

$7 to $12 per sq. ft.  


$10 to $14 per sq. ft.  


$24 to $35 per sq. ft.  


Each above option of siding material has different advantages in terms of visual appearance, durability, and price. 

Ask our contractors for free quotes to decide the best answer for your siding renovation by filling out the form below. 

Home Renovation Ideas; Insulation

If your home has poor insulation, you will be losing a lot of heat – especially in the winter. You will see your energy bills rise if that is the case. A good insulation is vital, because it not only helps you save on your energy bills, it also increases the comfort of your home. 

Heat loss occurs the most if one or more of the following items of your house is flawed: 

  • Doors 
  • Garage Door 
  • Windows 
  • Basement 
  • Attic 
  • Above Ground Walls (part between basement and roof) 

In Ontario we have three types of popular insulation materials available: 

  • Synthetic (polyurethane) 
  • Mineral (stone wool, fibreglass) 
  • Natural (hemp, straw, cellulose) 

Some are more effective in certain areas than others. 

Spending some of your budget on increasing the insulation and energy efficiency of your home is important and has great returns on investment. You will not just save money on your energy bills each month, you will also prevent potential respiratory allergies and illnesses. Also, you help save energy, reduce gas emissions from your home, and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. 

It is recommended to work with insulation specialists to get the most out of your home insulation. 

Contact our professional contractors in order to get started. 

Kitchen Renovation:

The kitchen is typically the centre of any home, which is why it is one of the most highly sought out services in the renovation market. Every homeowner wants their kitchen to be convenient, practical, comfortable, and fresh. Majority of homebuyers focus mainly on the kitchen when determining to buy one house over another. Therefore, every homeowner is recommended to keep their kitchen in good condition. 

An effective kitchen remodel may include the following features to get the most out of the kitchen’s overall state: 

  • Floor replacement 
  • Countertop installation 
  • Cabinetry (replacement / finishing) 
  • Door and window replacement 
  • New kitchen appliances 
  • New lighting (under cabinet lighting, pot lights, etc) 
  • Fixture upgrade 
  • Layout improvement  

The following factors play a vital role to the budget of a kitchen renovation: 

  • Size of kitchen 
  • Type and quality of materials needed 
  • Design 
  • Contractor  

A standard kitchen renovation may be within a $10,000-15,000 budget, while a major kitchen renovation could range from $25,000 to $50,000 in budget costs. 

A general contractor can help you decide on the best solutions for your kitchen renovation needs. It is recommended to compare multiple contractor offers in order to get the best value and price for your kitchen renovation project. 

A professional kitchen renovation plays a huge role in increasing the market value of your house. 

Bathroom Renovation:

An average household bathroom isn’t usually large. While for most the average bathroom size is fine, families will benefit from a larger bathroom, or an additional bathroom to meet their daily needs. 

It is not recommended to DIY a bathroom renovation, because a minor mistake may cost you a lot of money and stress in the future. Your bathrooms’ condition will also have an impact on the value of your home. 

A professional bathroom renovation is a great investment, as it improves the quality of your life, and reimburses you as much as 63% with your return on investment when your home goes up for sale. 

Vital features of a bathroom renovation usually include: 

  • Bathroom Floor Replacement  
  • New Cabinets 
  • Upgrade of Fixures 
  • New Lighting 
  • New Vanity 


Other important features homeowners may choose to change would be a layout change, or switching from a tub to a walk-in shower and vice-versa. Remember that the choices you make regarding the design and materials used for your bathroom renovation will have an impact on the total cost of your bathroom renovation project. 

You can also look into ecological and energy-efficient solutions that can help you improve your living space, and save money in the long run. 

A standard bathroom renovation budget may be around $10,000, while a premium bathroom renovation may go as much as $40,000. 

To find out an accurate cost for your bathroom renovation project, contact our professional contractors today who will help you plan and finish your project within your budget. 

Basement Renovation:

Since we are on the subject of home renovation ideas in Richmond Hill, a basement renovation is usually a great idea to look into. What is the purpose of your current basement? Is it being used as a storage room, or is it an unfinished basement? Do you need more living space for you and your family? A basement renovation may increase your home’s total living space by as much as 30%. 

Basement renovation is a great improvement project for homeowners that need: 

  • More livable space, without building or buying a home addition 
  • Increase market value of home 
  • Raise extra income by renting the basement out to tenants 

You can turn your basement into: 

  • Guest room or bathroom 
  • Entertainment room 
  • Home office 
  • Playroom 
  • Man-Cave 
  • Basement apartment with separate access 

You will most definitely need a qualified general contractor to take on this massive project. 

With their expertise, they will be able to transform your basement into almost anything you need. 

With professional planning, you should also be able to increase the resale value of your home, letting you return your investment with a higher selling price. 

A major renovation project such as a basement renovation will most likely require a building permit. Refer to the Richmond Hill building permit process to find out the requirements or to apply for one. Our contractors can help you with the building permits for your project. 

Interior & Exterior Painting:

Unfortunately paint finish does not last forever, and ultimately every homeowner will need to revitalize the interior/exterior paint finish on average every 5-8 years. 

Painting the walls of your residence anew, will revitalize your property’s appearance and ultimately make it more aesthetic and enticing. This is extremely vital especially if you are looking to sell your home. Richmond Hill professional painters offer all types of painting related services for both the interior and exterior parts of your home. 

Contrary to a DIY paint job, paint experts will make sure to prepare walls the right way, and use high-quality paint for glorious results that will last longer, save on waste, and avoid damaging other parts of property from paint. 

Our contractors will be happy to provide competitive offers for all your painting needs. 

Replacing a French Drain:

A French drain may not be noticeable in your home, but it is very vital. It’s purpose is to remove water around the foundation walls in order to avoid accumulation and infiltration. 

Water in the French drain ultimately goes to the evacuation system. A French drain will be typically installed under concrete. 

If a french drain is not performing properly, it may cause significant damage to the house as well as cause humidity issues and water infiltration. 

What are some ways to determine that you need to fix or replace your French drain? 

You will usually notice the following: 

  • Darkening wall or wet wall 
  • White crystals at the bottom portion of the foundation wall 
  • Water spots on a floor, joist, or concrete slab 
  • Increased humidity inside the house or basement area 
  • Your basement has a ‘musty’ odour 
  • Cracks in your home’s foundation 
  • Iron ocher residue visible at the bottom of walls 

It is fairly common for a French drain to be damaged after 25 years of service. If you feel like the humidity in your house has increased, especially in the basement, request our qualified contractors to check your French drain using a special camera system. There may be a charge for this service, because it demands excavation, but it is ultimately worth it. Your contractor can unclog your French drain, and provide you with advice and services to fix it if it needs repairs, or replace it fully. Some typical French drain damage may consist of foundational cracks, or damage to the waterproofing membrane. 

Richmond Hill offers a home flooding protection program to homeowners who install weeping tile redirects and sump pump. Discover if you qualify and take full advantage of the benefits that may assist with your next home renovation.  

Heating & Air Conditioning:

An HVAC system that is efficient may last up to 25 years on average, which is why it is vital to choose the proper system for your home. 

If you are experiencing problems with your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, it may be time to contact your local experts to check out your HVAC system and provide you with the best solutions to cool/heat your home. 

Another key note in order to save on your energy bills, is to use green HVAC products, because they will help you save more money over time. You will also have a much healthier and more comfortable home. 

Reach out to our contractors in the form below to improve your HVAC system. 

A contractor will most likely ask you the following questions in order to provide you with the best possible solution: 

  • How many floors does your house have? 
  • Which areas do you need covered? 
  • Do you want a single system or separate systems? 
  • What is your budget for HVAC repair/replacement system? 

Find out all the answers regarding your HVAC system needs by contacting our contractors in Richmond Hill using our free and no obligation form below. 

How to Find a Suitable Contractor for a Home Renovation in Richmond Hill:

It is recommended to find a reputable and accountable contractor for your home renovation in Richmond Hill.  

As a matter of fact, it should be your first step to take in planning your renovation project. 

Regardless of what kind of renovation project you are planning for your home, our crew has the best local experts for your project. 

We have screened our partners with utmost focus, in order to determine that you deal with professional experts that are licensed, experienced, insured, and qualified. 

Once you fill out the form below, a member of our team will reach out and provide you with assistance to get your project started! 

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